Global Legislature

oversees Shipping & Maritime affairs for the United Nations and has been pivotal in introducing legislation pertaining to marine fuel. Part of the IMO, has become the lead source of information on MARPOL Annex VI.


has been tasked, as part of the European Commission, with implementing measures to improve air quality in the European Union. In addition, is the main European source for shipping & environmental documents.

幸运飞艇官网平台 In terms of the legislative process in Europe, the has delegated most work to their while the is where Ministers of the EU Member States debate legislation.

Amid the legislative bodies, are the following departments: (shipping), (fuel and transport), and .

North America

幸运飞艇官网平台 The is the US federal agency responsible for regulating and reducing ship emissions in US waters. In Canada, the agency is .

At a state level, the has implemented regulations for ships operating in California ports and associated waters.

幸运飞艇官网平台 On the West Coast, port-level emissions controls have been introduced by the , , , , , and .